Die Story von einem Student

Hi my name is Florian Klemmer. Quite an odd name eh?
That`s because I`m from Germany. Next to the border to France and Luxembourg I`ve been born and raised. A place called Merzig with a lot of tall deciduous forest and fenced-in wolves to look at on Sundays. Basically like the Shire in the Lord of the Rings. I have always loved nature especially trees. That`s why I started studying “Forest Sciences and Forest Ecology” at Georg-August University in Goettingen a really old German town right at the edge of the Hartz where all the witches come from.

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A forestry internship is a placement part of my studies. I decided to do this abroad because – lets`s be honest – I probably won`t ever have the opportunity to work outside of Germany for an extended period of time again any time soon. And Canada the country with the “biggest and best forestry” [Mark Joron, local naturalist, Nov. 7, 2017] came immediately to my mind.
I am here with my girlfriend for three months to learn about the country and the culture but mainly to get some practice about actual forestry and how it`s done. And Millson Forestry is absolutely the best place to do so. They do a huge variety of jobs and I really feel like they try to introduce me to every different aspect about forestry. For example today I am off heading to the bushes to set up the boundary lines around blocks that get harvested soon which I really enjoy. I just find it exciting to go to places probably no one has ever been to but certainly have never been cut before. I am not used to that. In Germany every single square centimeter is managed and cultivated. But here in Timmins you find primal forest left and right.
I chose to go to Timmins because it`s the perfect mixture of everything. There is a lot of forestry going on, the big cities like Toronto and Montreal are easy to reach by plane and there are numerous events happening in town so that my girlfriend doesn`t get bored.
All of this is way better than I could have imagined it to be.
Thank you Canada for welcoming me so warm-hearted.
Best poutine is at the Esso gas station behind Walmart.