Millson Forestry Trees contain three main parts these will be referred to throughout the following page. They are the stem, the root plug, and the root collar. The stem is the part of the tree that will remain above the ground once the tree is planted. It contains the woody stem of the tree as well as the needles. The root plug is the part of the tree that contains the roots as well as the soil that the tree is grown in. The root plug will be entirely underground when the tree is planted. Where the root plug and stem connect is called the root collar. The root collar will be just visible above the ground after planting.

If you can’t plant it right away your tree can be stored in a cool environment for a few days, just kept the root plug moist. If you have received a tree and are unable to plant it outside within a few days you can follow the planting directions but plant the tree in an indoor pot until you are able to plant the tree outside.

Think about where you want to plant your tree. Remember that while your tree may be small now it will grow to become quite large.
Dig a hole slightly larger than the size of the root plug of your tree. For most Millson Forestry Service trees the hole will be fairly small (about 1″- 2″ wide and 3″- 4″ deep).
Place the root plug into the hole with the stem standing straight upright with the root collar at ground level.
Fill in any large gaps between the root plug and the sides of the hole with soil.
Carefully use your heel or toe to compact the soil around the root plug. Ensuring that the root plug is fully underground, the root collar is just visible, and the tree remains standing upright.
Remember to give the tree a bit of water once you’re done and during any prolonged dry spells for the first summer.