The best time to plant a tree is twenty years ago. The second best time is now.” –Anonymous

Trees produce oxygen and store carbon dioxide and they do it day after day and year after year. As a tree grows it removes carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and stores it as wood fiber. It then converts that carbon dioxide into clean water and oxygen and releases it back into the atmosphere. A single tree can store over 70kg of carbon over its lifetime.

Someone’s sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago. –Warren Buffett

In addition to cycling carbon dioxide and oxygen, trees have the added effect that they provide many other benefits to the ecosystem. Not only do they release clean air and water they also provide habitat for birds and wildlife, prevent soil erosion, and provide recreation opportunities.

Planting a tree to produce oxygen makes a great gift, to commemorate a special date or memorialize a special someone. A planted tree will continue to give back to the earth long after the occasion has passed.

When you choose to plant a tree with Millson Forestry Service you are choosing to have your tree planting done by a company that has specialized in the entire process of growing and planting trees on both public and private land for the last 27 years.

Millson Forestry Service uses our extensive knowledge to take the tree from a seed in a cone to an actively growing tree in the ground. We then monitor that tree to ensure it continues to grow and produce oxygen, sequester carbon dioxide and provide ecosystem benefits. All trees to be planted are grown from seed that is collected locally to the planting site. This ensures that the natural genetic diversity of an area is maintained.

People who will not sustain trees will soon live in a world that will not sustain people. –Bryce Nelson

All trees will be planted on ecologically appropriate sites that have been prepared for planting. We will only plant native or naturalized species thus maintaining balance in the local ecosystem.

All of our oxygen production tree plantings are defined as afforestation. Millson Forestry Service is using land use change to convert sites that had unproductive or marginal agricultural, or other, uses to oxygen sources and carbon sinks by returning the land back to forest cover. In addition all trees planted through Millson Forestry Service meet additionality requirements. We are not funded by outside sources. We do not plant trees that have not been purchased.

When you buy an oxygen production tree from Millson Forestry Service you are buying a tree that we have grown in our own greenhouses. Trees will be planted and monitored by experienced personnel. This all will take place on private land. We use private land because tenure is guaranteed. In this way, future government land use decisions will not effect forests and trees planted for oxygen production by Millson Forestry Sevice.

The actual planting of the trees will occur during the spring or fall, this gives the trees the most time to establish themselves before either summer drought or winter freezing. Your tree will not be individually labeled or recognizable it will be planted along with many others to form a forest.

The trees are planted by a Millson Forestry Service tree planting crew. These crews are typically made up of University students home for the summer. When you purchase a tree from Millson Forestry Service you are helping to create meaningful student employment.

One year after planting all sites will be surveyed to ensure that the trees planted have survived and also to assess the levels of competition on the planting site. If required treatments, to remove brush and grasses, may be applied to the planting site to ensure the continued survival of planted trees.

When you plant a tree with Millson Forestry Service you will receive an e-certificate that confirms your purchase. You will also receive the GPS coordinates and driving directions to the location of your part of the forest. If you ever want to visit your forest you may.

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