Seasonal/Student Employment

Location(s): 1782 Dalton Road

  • No public transport available; however many students bike in the summer and car-pooling with other employees is encouraged.

Duration: Mid-April until the last seedling is planted.

  • Estimation is the end of July.
  • Additional seasonal/student contracts may be available after this.

Hours: Monday-Friday 8am-4:30pm.

  • Work hours may be adjusted at times to accommodate production schedule and weather
  • Additional hours may be available

Job Description:

  • Working either inside or outside on any and all aspects of crop production. Our crops consist primarily of tree seedlings used in forest regeneration.
  • Working on a production line (seeding, transplanting, packaging)
  • Moving, loading, unloading of trays (both empty and full)
  • Handling seed/seedlings (must be without damaging or destroying)
  • Weeding, cleaning, etc.

Position Requirements: All tree seedling production positions involve varying degrees of manual labour. You must be physically able to: stand/walk for extended periods of time, perform repetitive motions, frequently bend and lift, etc. You must also be prepared for varying weather conditions and dress accordingly. Steel toes are the only required personal protective equipment.

General Expectation: All tree seedling production positions will require that materials and seedlings be handled in a manner that does not damage or destroy them. Attendance and promptness is imperative in order to maintain the required production schedule in our short northern growing season. We also strive to foster a positive work environment, with no judgement, where at the very least everyone is courteous to one another.


  • Rate of pay includes a base hourly rate + bi-weekly quality bonus + attendance bonus.
  • Cheques are issued bi-weekly.
  • Base rate : $11.40/hr
  • Quality bonus: $0.50/hr
  • Based on promptness, productivity (meeting minimum requirements), following of instructions, no unscheduled absences, etc.
  • Attendance bonus: $0.50/hr
  • Paid out at the end of the contract providing 90% attendance has been attained.

Resumes can be emailed to: