During the planting season, Millson Forestry Service has planted up to 4 million seedlings. The species generally planted are a mix of jack pine, white spruce, and black spruce. Traditionally Millson Forestry Service has planted trees for the forest industry but we have also completed projects on private land and done site rehabilitation for the mining industry.

Every year, during the months of May and June (and some years August), Millson Forestry Service hires between 50 and 75 tree planters of which the majority are local students. Since the areas to be planted are relatively close to Timmins, the planters commute to the sites from town each day. A bus is provided to transport the planters to and from the work site.

The planters are divided into crews of 8 to 14 individuals and each assigned a crew boss. The crew bosses are experienced planters with Millson Forestry Service and are a good source of knowledge and information for their planters. The crew bosses are responsible for the crew members as well as ensuring that the area is planted properly. The crew bosses also record the number of trees planted for each planter on their crew.

A service crew, an assessor, and a foreman make up the remainder of the Millson Forestry Service planting team. The service crew consists of two experienced individuals who provide the crews with the required amount and type of trees. The service crew also collects the stacked, empty trays left by the crews at roadside.

The assessor is another experienced individual who will visit the crews twice daily to perform a quality assessment on the planted trees. This quality assessment looks at both the spacing and the proper planting of the trees.

The foreman is yet another experienced individual who oversees the entire planting operation to ensure the proper areas are planted (and planted well) and that the operation runs smoothly.

Tree plant generally starts the second week of May when the ground is expected to be thawed. Every attempt is made to have the plant finished by the end of June but it is the productivity of the planters which ultimately determines the end of the contract. The planting work week runs Monday to Friday with the exception of statutory holidays. Each day starts at 7 AM and the generally ends at 5 PM.

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