Growing – SeedlingProduction
Seedling growing operations started in 1982 with 250 000 containerized tree seedlings. Annual production has expanded to 15 million.

Our extensive greenhouse, shadehouse and cold storage facilities produce high quality seedlings for;

Reforestation Aforestation
Commercial nursery transplant stock
Christmas tree stock
Rehabilitation and research stock
Oxygen Production
Seedlings are shipped all over Ontario and exported to the U.S. Ongoing in-house research into stock quality, containers and growing regimes ensure the best quality product for our clients. If you would like us to grow seedling for you please check out our online store. For our wholesale price list please contact us.

In the greenhouse we have space to grow up to 5 million seedlings at one time. Through cycling seedlings through our 3 shadehouses for hardening, we can grow up to 15 million seedlings per year at our facility.

With these growing facilities we have the ability to control various aspects of the environment to produce seedlings conditioned for plantting from May through to September.

Temperature – in February and March when it is still cold and snowy outside, inside the greenhouse can be up to 35-40ºC for seeding.

Watering and Fertilizing – we fertilize the trees on a schedule, making sure they get the nutrients they need to stay healthy at every stage of growth.

Length of day / hours of sunlight – Upon germination we can lengthen daylight hours using lights in order to maximize the growth of the seedlings. Once the seedlings have attained the desired height, we can shorten daylight hours using shade cloth to promote bud-set of the seedlings.

The main species of tree seedlings we produce are;

White pine
Jack pine
Red pine
White spruce
Black spruce
Blue spruce
Fraser fir
Balsam fir
Canaan fir
We will also grow additional species on request. This season our crops include Concolor fir, Eastern Hemlock, Douglas fir, Corkbark fir, Nordmann fir, Turkish fir, and Norway spruce.

Trees can be seeded and grown in several different container types. Our two most popular container types are Multipots and Jiffy peat pellets.

MULTIPOTS – A hard wall container that is filled with peat to produce individual seedling plugs.

JIFFY PELLETS – A peat pellet that is wrapped in a light gauze which allows the penetration of roots.

Both of these container types are available in a variety of sizes.