The Millson Team

Much of the work performed at Millson Forestry is seasonal therefore the number of employees fluctuates significantly over the course of the year. The company has 30-35 full time employees who collectively: grow trees, process seed, process firewood, manufacture briquettes, harvest trees, grind slash, and haul the trees, logs, biofiber and firewood to their destinations.

Professional Forestry Staff:

  • Dave Millson, H.B.Sc.F, R.P.F
  • Sue Millson, H.B.Sc.F, R.P.F
  • Mark Joron, Forest Technologist
  • Monique Koski, H.B.Sc.F, R.P.F
  • Jenny Millson, H.B.Sc.F, R.P.F.

Greenhouse Staff:

  • Mindy Alberton, Forest Technician


  • Lucille Lessard, Seedplant Manager