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White spruce cone and seed

Seed extraction, sort ,clean, test, store.

White spruce seedling plug. Healthy green colour and healthy roots

Growing, Site preparation, Tending , Planting

Harvest operation from birds eye view

Plan and Implement. SFL, Crown, Private

Dry birch firewood

Everything Firewood

ArcGIS Trimble Garmin forest boundary aggregate

ArcGis, Sub-meter Trimble, Garmin

TREES LIFE OXYGEN the air we breath


To understand a forest, one must know something about the trees.

Innovative, Stable, Experienced

Millson Forestry Service celebrates more than 30 years in the forest industry. We are driven by our great respect for the forests and our desire to learn more about the trees. Our operations include all aspects of forestry. We believe that a well planned approach to the life cycle of fibre management has no beginning and no end. All segments of the forest industry are equally important to properly maintain the never ending management of a growing and evolving forest.

We continue to work in co-operation with government agencies and forestry companies to discover new processes of maintaining a balance in the forest where we work and play.

Company Profile

Established in Timmins in 1980 providing complete silvicultural and harvesting services to northeastern Ontario and beyond.

Extensive greenhouse, shadehouse, holding and cold storage facilities produce high quality tree seedlings for reforestation, commercial nursery transplant stock, Christmas tree stock, rehabilitation projects, and research projects. Specialty stock has been exported to the United States since 1998.

Seed collection, extraction, cleaning and storage facilities provide complete seed services. Modern equipment ensures maximum yields and optimum quality of cleaned seeds. Testing and storage to international standards. We can handle all conifer and most deciduous species.

Spent cones are of high quality due to the gentle nature of our extraction processes. Cones are sold across Canada and the United States.

Site preparation for tree planting and seeding is carried out with specialized heavy equipment – disk trenchers, brackes, shear blades and angle blades.

Large and small scale tree planting services are supported with experienced staff, a large inventory of planting tools and bags, on and off-road delivery vehicles.

Forest harvest operations are carried out on a wide variety of site types.

Forest stand maintenance – both mechanical and chemical, is carried out by licensed, experienced staff.

Professional staff can carry out planning, monitoring and reporting of projects.

An extensive mechanical shop and innovative technicians support all operations.

Activities reflect a dedication to the environment and education.

Round wood delivery, including loading , of our and other harvested sites in the area to the designated mills.